How to place an order

E-Mail your order requests to Janet at Suggested Donation will be taken upon delivery of merchandise.  Delivery is available at Wednesday/Sunday walks or by appointment.  During  Covid, contactless delivery is available.

Dri-Fit and Cotton t-Shirts

Women's Navy Dri Fit Logo $14.00
Women's Cotton Navy Logo$12.00
Men's Dri Fit Navy Logo $14.00
Men's Cotton Navy Logo $12.00

Tank Tops, Long Sleeve, Sweatshirt, and Polo Shirts

Men's Navy Tank Top $12.00
Women's Royal Tank Top $8.00
Sweatshirt Crew Neck Navy Logo $20.00
Men's Polo White or Blue Letters $20.00
Women's Polo White or Blue Letters $20.00
Windbreaker Rain Jacket $25.00
Unisex Long Sleeve Navy Logo $15.00
Unisex Dri Fit Long Sleeve Navy Logo $20.00

Pins, Patches, and Book covers

Walking Pin $3.00
Club Pin $3.00
Swim Pin $3.00
Port Orange YRE Pin $3.00
Bike Pin $3.00
Florida YRE Pin $3.00
Walking Pin $3.00
Red Ribbon Walking Pin $3.00
Club Patch $2.00
Book Covers $4.00